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Meet Anna Soria-Musgrove, Founder of EnV Bags.


Inspired by a dare from my son to not use paper or plastic bags during earth week in 2007 I found that like other people, I kept forgetting my bags at home. I found them too bulky and quite frankly, pretty ugly. I also became conscious of all my family's bag usage, not only at the grocery store, but at the mall, traveling, and even at the pool carrying our wet swimsuits home. I found myself looking for bags that had to fit four requirements: affordable, compactable, versatile and above all, fashionable. I should also mention that I have been in the fashion world for quite some time, and since no one had yet developed a bag that fit all my requirements, I figured, "why can't I?"... and EnV Bags was born. The bags were designed to be strong enough for the grocery store but attractive enough for all other aspects of life. They are printed on both sides and free of logos. Made of super strong water-resistant nylon, the bags hold up to 2-3 bags of groceries and should last a very long time.

EnV Bags was born out of the desire to help reduce plastic and paper bag usage, not only at the grocery store, but in all aspects of shopping life. The EnV Bags design approach is unique because we recognized early that green living, fashion and function can successfully co-exist. And every product I design is a product that my family uses every day.

EnV Bags are designed and shipped out of Los Gatos Ca.