Why do your bags come in a pouch?

The pouch provides a great way to keep your tote contained and keeping the tote from getting dirty and damaged. Keep forgetting your tote?  Hook the pouch to the hardware on your purse and you will always have a bag when you need it.

How can I keep from losing my pouch?

We have a hook sewn inside our tote (towards the top at the seam) hook your pouch there and then use it as a carrying case for your case, room key or car keys.  Our pouch sets also have hooks on them so them so you can keep larger items secure.

How much can your bags carry?

Our reusable bags are double stitched and tested to carry 40 pounds, that means each bag can carry 2-3 bags worth of groceries and eliminating the need for single use plastic bags.

What are your bags made from and where are they made?

All our products are made from the same light weight water resistant polyester specifically made for us.  We use sublimation printing (they will never fade) and eco-friendly non-toxic dyes. We enjoy a true partnership with our China factory who have been producing our bags for the past ten years.

How do I care for my bags?

For totes and backpacks we recommend hand wash cold (they will last longer) line dry always. Pouch sets can be machine washed, line dry. Make sure you are washing your bags often if you are using them for groceries.

Can I call you to place an order rather than use your website?

Absolutely! Please be ready with your ship to address, credit card and items you would like to order.  You can call us at 408-370-9090.

Do you charge sales tax?

We are required to charge sales tax for orders shipped within the state of California

I have a store do you sell wholesale?

Yes please see our wholesale link for a line sheet and order form.

What are your hours? 

We are open 9-5 Monday- Friday.  However we do travel for tradeshows so phone calls may not be returned right away, if you want to get ahold of us faster please email us as we are always checking our emails. Phone 408-370-9090,